The Organic Maid

  Organic Maid and Butler Services

The Organic Maid Service everything is Maid Organic by Organic Maids.

 Utilizing a maid service may be considered due to a number of personal factors, including but not limited to geographical location, social standing, lack of personal time, or  lack of experience.

The Organic Maid  Home Cleaning, Home Organization and basic Feng Shui. House Cook Butler, Personal Chef , and Banquet Server

Established in 2005 Maid and Butler  Services in Massachusetts.

The Organic Maid ®™ makes and uses only Organic homemade cleaners.

Freshen your furnature with Organic homemade cleaners.
Clean your bathroom with Organic homemade cleaners.
Feng Shui your front entry
Feng Shui your childs bedroom